2013 Survey

“169 respondents participated in this survey. We thank all for sharing views and assisting in direction.”

– HTC Board of Directors & Bob Greene

Heritage Trail Public Survey

January 15 – January 31, 2012

The Heritage Trail Conservancy, a Madison not-for-profit organization, has cleared, restored and purchased approximately 20 acres of riverfront property intersected by the historic Heritage Trail, which begins at the corner of Vernon & Vaughn Drive. The Conservancy’s recently acquired acreage, Heritage Park, is now placed in a permanent conservation easement. The intent is to establish a green park along the Heritage Trail.

We seek public input to influence the separate designs of the Heritage Trail, owned by the City, and the adjacent riverfront properties known as Heritage Park, owned by the Conservancy.

We believe design goals should promote conservancy, healthy recreation, community quality of life, plus attract visitors to Madison. What is your opinion?

Summary Questionnaire Responses

I am aware of the Heritage Trail.
97% aware of the Trail/Park

I am an advocate of the Heritage Trail.
86% respondents are Trail advocates

I am an active Trail user.
63% are self-defined active Trail users

If an active Trail user, do you walk run or bike?
94% of Trail uses are walkers

Nature conservancy should be a design priority.
83% prefer a natural design

Heritage Trail & Park will add to Madison’s quality of life.
89% say it adds to quality of life

The respective Trail & Park’s design should blend.
85% favor design blend

The Heritage Trail & Park, if promoted, will draw visitors to Madison.
77% believe, if promoted, the Trail/Park will draw visitors

Is the no cost availability of the Trail widely known?
68% aware of no cost to Trail users

I prefer a more urban or more natural Park/Trail design.
88% prefer natural design

Which Trail/Park signage feature do you prefer:  Safety, Madison History, Conservation Education, All of the Above
65% prefer signage to cover all

The Heritage Trail/Park is an important community initiative.
87% say the Trail/Park initiative is important to Madison community